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Photographer - Laurent Brandajs 



Renovation of a unique urban villa located in the most elegant area of ​​Tel Aviv, built in 1992 by renowned Israeli architect Charles Dorel.


We have kept the general distribution in half-levels around a majestic spiral staircase but we have opened, lightened the interior and exterior spaces, brought up to date all the materials, and of course updated all the technical aspects.

The teak wood replaces the aluminium for a contemporary cozy look. The new windows are bigger and with lighter frames, they invite the light through the house; an external blind filters the sun.

Main Facade


1200 sqm


Tel Aviv



The formerly narrow 'vestibule' used as main entrance was completely revisited: when accessing the villa, one enters now into a huge living space, enjoying a bath of light. The kitchen-dining room is now open, a few steps are enough to create intimacy with the living room. The windows of the kitchen-dining room overlooking the terrace have been enlarged and also the terrace itself: the family can have lunch there every day, facing greenery.

The curved wall separating the level of the living room from the entrance level has been given a straight shape to get a better rationalization of the space; the opaque glass balustrade has been replaced by transparent glass for more lightness. In the living room we also brought more light by increasing the height of the windows. 

Ground Floor

The metal balustrade of the mezzanine was replaced by a glazed curved railing.

Two small rooms were reunited to form a large room with ensuite dressing and bathroom dedicated to the owners' daughter.

The master suite is now like a dream. Previously placed right under the windows, the master bed originally faced the wall. We moved the bed to the middle of the room, to let the parents admire the view towards the greenery outside the windows at wake up time. The carpentry headboard of the bed separates the dressingroom from the bed area.​

First Floor

The rooftop, offering an exceptional 360 degrees view of Tel Aviv, has a deck floor that invites guests to go barefoot and dive into the pool made of green mosaic. The technical equipments have been gathered behind a green wall to clear a new beautiful terrace, where we can find shower and toilets, also surrounded by greenery.​


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