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Photographer - Laurent Brandajs 




The family of four was already living in this duplex, enjoying incredible views over the hills of Jerusalem.


But they felt cramped, especially with the dinners and guests they are used to host.

We have enlarged the duplex on the front and back terraces of both floors, using steel beams and coating in aluminium and glass.

The steel beams can be seen in the living room: enhanced with a vintage look, they contribute to the industrial-country atmosphere wanted. 

The master suite benefits of a huge dressing room with the vanity unit at its center; shower and bath are behind the glass-mirror. The design creates a colonial tone, with industrial vibe.

The bathrooms of the children and guests have vernacular coloured tiles on the floor and modern concrete coating on the walls.

On the top floor, we have built two guests rooms and enlarged the terrace by using the roof of the lower extension. And one can admire the Old City and the nature while swimmimg in the private pool.


600 sqm





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