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Located in a quiet street in Golders Green neighborhood, this cottage was deeply renovated and extended to suit the new owner's needs and dreams.


We have preserved the street facade but enlarged 100 sqm on the garden side, creating a huge living room for the large family to host guests as they love to. The new back facade is all glazed with a light metal structure and enjoys the view over the garden. Under the new construction, we have created an underground private swimming pool.

From the entrance to the rear, we have created five large skydomes to fill the house with natural light, so precious in grey London. 

The staircase is the main character of the house. From the entrance to the upper floor, it visually connects the whole house. The steps seem like flying blocks of wood. They are attached on one side to the spine wall, entirely decorated and texturized. The stairs and the wall are enhanced by the natural light coming from the skydome. Like two perfect scratches in the ceiling, the lines of light of the hall emphasizes the length of the stairs. 

Space and lightning are very modern, but the materials chosen introduce some classic taste. On the ground floor, the oak parquet in pointe de Hongrie is framed by light grey marble. Oak has been chosen for doors, stairs and closets. We have designed customed-made furniture in each room to suit the family's needs. 


It was a long and satisfying journey for all of us.


1000 sqm





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