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Photographer - Laurent Brandajs 




The original house had narrow spaces with sharp corners and small windows. On the last floor, one could see the sea from a tiny terrace.

We have destroyed the ceiling between the ground floor and the first floor and have built the new one 80cm higher: the living room benefits now of 3.5m height and the master bedroom with its wonderful terrace enjoys the sea view. The dimension of the small terrace has drastically increased by removing the old tiled roof; the transparent railing gives the feeling of infinity.


1000 sqm


Herzelyia Pituach


2011 - 2013


On the ground floor, the living room became majestic but still cozy by enhancing its height, its dimensions, its windows, and by creating the continuity with the teak terrace and the infinity pool.
We have used the declivity of the land for the construction of the pool: we have limited the digging and filled the ground all around to get to the same level of the living room.

For the interior, the owners wanted to enjoy warmth: we have chosen materials and furniture to provide a Mediterranean atmosphere, working with ocher, beige  and orange, and materials such as antique oak, rusty metal, vernacular Italian doors.

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